The stay in Anamaduwa and the Mud House is a very special nature experience and is ideal for travellers who like to experience the nature and originality of the destination. Anamaduwa is a true oasis of nature and life seems to come to a standstill there. There is no electricity, no cars and everything is kept as natural as it is today. You sleep in open mud huts covered with a palm roof, the bathroom is an outdoor shower.

Upon arrival, Mud House staff will provide you with a bike, binoculars to watch animals, three blankets, towels and coolers.

All meals are included and served in the most beautiful places. Enjoy a lunch (included) with lake view.

The two-day program is designed by the hotel and varies depending on travel time but is always full of activities and exciting activities. You will explore the area by bike. You will also visit a nearby Buddhist rock temple and visit the ancient royal cities of Yapahuwa and Panduwasnuwara. You see many different birds and certainly also monkeys. They will take a kayak ride on the Wewa and take great pictures.

A 2-day stay of a very special kind, you can integrate this "highlight" very well in a classic round trip.