At Adhvan Tours we believe a description of Sri Lanka based on facts and figures is unnecessary, you'll be able to find all this information everywhere. We just want to recommend Sri Lanka as one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world! It’s amazing what this small, tropical and exotic island has to offer! Here you can experience a wonder of nature that is unmatched : sandy beaches, lakes, lagoons, tropical rainforests, countless waterfalls, stunning mountain scenery, exotic wildlife and all this combined with a unique amount of historical and culture treasures. Sri Lanka is simply the perfect travel destination for those who like to live an unique travel experience,by exploring and enjoying new things on a daily basis! The whole experience is rounded off by its friendly and always helpful people, especially in the interior and in the more remote places you will be greeted everywhere by a crowd of laughing children and you will quickly notice that language is no barrier - a lot goes without saying.