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Adhvan Tours is run by a Sri Lankan / German team of travel specialists. We have all traveled widely and spent most of our lives in many different countries before returning to Sri Lanka some years ago to found Adhvan Tours!

Anura - The Sri Lankan part

Britta - The German part

We are a travel agency that specializes in bespoke tours and in recent years has shown many visitors from all over the world the most beautiful sites of this fascinating island.

Regular discovery tours through Sri Lanka is the key to really getting to know this island. Sharing this experience with all people who wish to explore Sri Lanka in a more private and individual way is our motto. We are well prepared to help you with the creation of a unique travel experience!


We advise and certify tourism companies and destinations on their way to sustainable business operations. We develop practical management concepts and methods encouraging sustainable business designs.

We accompany businesses in their sustainability process from developing a strategy up to its practical implementation. Responsibility with a system. Our sustainability criteria and certification standards are demanding, internationally recognised and require holistic business development that is taken seriously. Change starts with the first step.

We start off with the companies from where they are, motivate them to take manageable steps and encourage them to consistently act responsibly. Beyond the current dogma of material growth, new kinds of value addition emerge. In this sense, we also see ourselves as an innovation agency developing models for the future.

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